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Ideas for any Wedding anniversary!

2. Make the Anniversary Mix CD
Make the CD regarding every one of the songs The idea have meaning Using your relationship, AND go somewhere special to relax IN ADDITION TO listen. Share throughout each additional ones memories anyone Connect from the songs. Another idea will be regarding each individual for you to Build a CD to share through the other. Then, stay home AS WELL AS dance!

3. Have your personal Photo Shoot
Make an list of a series of of an favorite countries of about town, fill up up the camera, and get your own photo shoot! stop by international locations It hold special meaning to be able to you ALONG WITH the significant other. perhaps You could stop on the area anyone had your current 1st kiss or maybe your own church through which you are married. obtain an passerby to carry two shots of you. Another idea is actually to quickly carry an photo of anyone together each year in your own anniversary. Keep an anniversary album pertaining to these types of special memories.


Those are number 2 and 3 of the list, but where's number 1? Well has even more ideas that can be considered number !