Union College Online Privacy Policy

Union College respects the privacy of all Web site visitors. The purpose of this policy is to alert users to the ways that My.Unionky.edu collects, processes and protects your information. Depending on the situation, Union College may collect the following information about visitors to our Web site:

* referring domain name and/or IP address
* browser and operating system information
* voluntarily given information, such as survey responses
* email addresses of those who communicate with us via email
* email addresses of those who subscribe to defined mailing lists
* aggregate information about pages users access or visit

Union College does not provide, rent or sell personal information to third parties for marketing programs or any other purpose.

Union College may provide resource links to other Web sites. These third- party sites are not controlled by Union College. We do not endorse them and are not responsible for their availability, content or service. In addition, these sites may not conform to this privacy policy or may have no policy at all.

If you have questions about any Union College Web property or this online privacy policy, please contact the Office of College Communications.

Privacy of Student Records

All student records at Union College are maintained as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The act protects and limits access to a student’s records to persons authorized by the FERPA regulations or by the student.

Parents of dependent students (as defined under FERPA) have the same rights of access and review as the student. Exceptions will be made if requested by the student in writing, and accompanied by proof of independence, as defined by FERPA. Requests for such exceptions should be directed to the registrar.

Union College reserves the right to contact a student’s parents (or a physician of the student’s choice) when, in the opinion of the College, notification is necessary to protect the student’s health, well being, and safety, or that of others.

A student may inspect educational records maintained by Union College in accordance with FERPA guidelines. Directory information, as listed below, is public unless the student requests, in writing, of the registrar that all or part of such information not be published or made available:

* name
* address
* hometown
* high school attended
* previous or future institutions of study
* parents’/guardians’ names and hometowns
* telephone listing
* electronic mail address
* photograph or video clip
* date and place of birth (student age)
* dates of attendance
* class year
* major field of study
* degrees, honors, and awards received
* grade point average, in recognition of achievement
* research or special curricular projects
* weight and height of members of athletic teams
* athletic record
* participation in officially recognized activities and sports

No other information will be made available unless the student gives Union College written permission to release information to specific individuals regarding academic progress, student conduct, and financial affairs. An exception may include notification of appropriate individuals in a health or safety situation OR if a student meets the IRS Code definition of a dependent.

Access to any other information, except by persons authorized by the student or the dependent student’s parents, is strictly limited in accordance with the FERPA regulations.